Soleus SG-TTW-09HC-26 9200 BTU Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Capable of cooling a 375 square feet area, this Soleus SG-TTW-09HC-26 window air conditioner keeps you cool. Thanks to its cooling power of 9200 BTU and a heating power of 11000 BTU, this Soleus air conditioner provides a versatile and efficient comfort as per requirement. Also, with a high EER of 9.8, this window air conditioner is sure to prove cost-effective. You get to do your bit for the environment with the features present in this Soleus air conditioner such as the Energy Saver mode, Sleep mode, and Auto Fan mode. What’s more, with its digital remote control, you can operate the Soleus SG-TTW-09HC-26 easily from anywhere in a room.



Filter Reusable
Brand Soleus
Remote Control With Remote Control
Type Thru-Wall/Window
Dehumidifier With Dehumidifier Functionality
Additional Features Programmable Timer
Cooling Capacity 9000 BTU/hr

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