Grindmaster-Cecilware 250RH-3 Grinder

Measure, dispense, and grind whole coffee beans in one simple step with the Grindmaster 250RH-3 coffee grinder! This reliable machine features two clear, 5 lb. capacity removable hoppers and an automatically closing bean exit port so you can easily switch between coffee varieties. Plus, its fully automatic portion control allows you to pre-select from three portion amounts between 1/4 oz. and 18 oz. for each type of coffee being ground! Delivering precise and consistent throws regardless of bean weight, this unit is equipped with large grinding burrs and a 1/2 HP motor for excellent results with a fast grinding time. For maximum convenience, patented universal brew rails work with all types of brew baskets, and a digital timer is built in to the unit. See Companion Items for additional hoppers.The Grindmaster 250RH-3 requires a 115V electrical connection for operation. Please consult the Specification Sheet for additional details.


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