Manitowoc Ice ID-0606W 661 lbs/day Water Cooled Ice Machine

This 632 lb. (Manitowoc ID-0606W) ice machine is designed to work efficiently and effectively. Its slim design is sleek and practical. The longevity will prove this items durability. When purchasing and ice machine think about usability. That familiar clinking sound in your favorite beverage, the fresh, crystal-clear cube ice that tumbles into glasses at restaurants, bars and convenience stores around the world. The ice from ice cube makers cools drinks while preserving the flavor of every beverage. Corrosion-resistant exterior with clear-coat finish that resists fingerprints and dirt. 30Wx241⁄2Dx211⁄2H. 209 lbs. 208/230V, single phase. Full dice. Water cooling. 661 lbs. production capacity. Production capacity is based on 70°F air and 50°F water in 24 hours. (48) 7⁄8x7⁄8x7⁄8 full dice cubes per pound. Alphasan antimicrobial compound reduces the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and yeast in all Manitowoc ice machines.



Brand Manitowoc

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