Waring Pro HPB 300 Professional 2-Speeds Blender

Make lip smacking smoothies and mocktails for your guests with the Waring HPB300 Professional blender. With 27, 000-RPM, 2-speed motor, this Waring blender renders superior and fine blending, for shakes and cold coffees. The 48 oz Polycarbonate Container of this Waring 2-speed blender is sturdy, and has the capacity to serve your family at a single go. The toggle Hi, toggle Lo, and toggle Off controls in this Waring blender offer easy and convenient operation. The heavy-duty, self-cleaning blade assembly in this Waring 2-speed blender crushes ice in no time. With a classic design and Heavy-Duty Metallic Base, the Waring HPB300 Professional offers durability.



Blender Type Work Top
Brand Waring Pro

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