Crown Verity CV-3050-NG Heater
$537.60 - $548.80

Extend the time your customers can enjoy your patio, deck, or outdoor dining area into cooler seasons with this rugged Crown Verity CV3050 portable natural gas patio heater. The Crown Verity CV3050 patio heater's efficient heating system provides an impressive 45,000 BTU's of power per hour, to produce a 12 to 20 foot circle of heat that will keep your customers comfortable, and hopefully spending more money. Thanks to its all stainless steel, weather resistant construction, the Crown Verity CV3050 portable natural gas patio heater will stand up to the elements in any environment. Convenient hold down clamps provide added stability on flat surfaces. The Crown Verity CV3050 portable patio heater is CSA Listed. Consult the Specification Sheet for further details.



Type Patio

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