Cucinapro Pasta Maker Imperia Titania 190 - 190

Delight dinner guests with fresh-rolled dough for pasta, lasagna, or ravioli with this CucinaPro Imperia pasta maker! Made in Italy, the all-in-one CucinaPro 190 pasta maker rolls out pasta dough in 5.9 sheets (6 thickness options) before cutting it into either of 2 widths for spaghetti/angel hair pasta or fettuccine. Dough can also be left as a solid sheet, allowing you to cut it in whatever size you likegreat for crowd pleasers like ravioli and lasagna. Experience pasta like never before with the freshest, tastiest pasta dough from this CucinaPro Imperia pasta maker! CucinaPro Imperia Pasta Maker (190) Features : Versatile pasta maker from CucinaPro Pasta Makers Makes fresh, artisanal pasta dough at home! All-in-one designrolls and cuts Rolls dough for spaghetti, fettuccine, angel hair pasta, ravioli, or lasagna Safe for all ages Produces a 5.9 leaf of pasta 6 variable thicknesses Cuts 2mm (tagliatelle) or 6.5mm (fettuccine) Connect to the Imperia PastaFacile motor (sold separately) to make large batches of pasta dough in a hurry Made in Italy CucinaPro Pasta Maker warranty: 2 years Shop More CucinaPro Pasta Makers


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