Oster ShowMaster Shearing Machine

Oster® ShowMaster® Shearing Machine The Oster ShowMaster Shearing Machine is the tool professional groomers reach for when it's time for livestock to look dapper! Horses, cattle, sheep and goats can all benefit from a cut or two, and the ShowMaster readily puts in the work. The machine has a variable speed option from 700 to 3,000 strokes per minute, offering more trimming and fitting choices. Designed with an easy-to-adjust tension knob, the ShowMaster's blade can be adjusted for hassle-free sculpting. The included CryogenX blade stays oiled for up to 100 hours, keep maintenance low and simple. The ShowMaster head is interchangable with Clipmaster heads. The ShowMaster Shearing Machine kit includes: Variable speed ShowMaster Shearing Machine clipper with 3 in. head 15' ft. heavy-duty, insulated power cord 20-tooth goat comb 4-point cutter Grease/lubricating oil Storage case CryogenX blade


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