Hoover CH50400 13 1/2 Hush Tone Lite Commercial Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Keep your office, restaurant, or hotel clean and allergen free with this Hoover CH50400 Hush Tone Lite commercial bagged upright vacuum cleaner! Featuring WindTunnel technology that helps to lift and trap dust and allergens in a HEPA filtration system, this vacuum cleaner helps to make your establishment cleaner and safer for both your employees and your guests. The durable outer bag withstands constant use, making this unit the perfect choice for commercial use. Plus, the convenient finger-tip on/off switch is located right in the handle to make it quick and easy to turn on and off for maximum efficiency. The intuitive controls and two-speed motor allow for Hush cleaning, ensuring that your guests aren't disturbed by loud cleaning. Maintaining this vacuum cleaner is a breeze since it comes with Intellibelt protection that prevents belt damage, along with automatic brush roll shutoff that protects the belt in case of clogging in the nozzle. If you should need to replace the 35' power cord because of breakage or fraying, the Quick-Change 3-wire cord style makes it easy to switch out the cord and get back up and running as quickly and possible. The unit's bag fill indicator tells the operator when the bag is becoming full so that it can be changed at the optimum time to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency throughout the cleaning process. The self-sealing HEPA bag traps dirt and allergens more effectively to prevent them from escaping back into the room and is disposable, eliminating the need to empty and clean out a vacuum bag or canister. Clean right up along the edge of any floor with this vacuum cleaner's edge cleaning bristles. They allow you to vacuum along baseboards and walls to make sure your office space or hotel is as clean as possible. Plus, the automatic height adjustment makes it easy to go from cleaning thick pile carpet to hard floors without stopping to adjust the vacuum cleaner's height. And you can easily reach those hard-to-clean places under low furniture like beds and desks since this vacuum cleaner will lie practically flat and has a low-profile nozzle design. 120V, 60Hz., 5 amps. CH50400 From Hoover


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