240V Hobart ET27 Commercial Pop Up Toaster - 4 Slice

The versatile Hobart ET27 4-slice electric toaster is perfect for toasting regular bread, English muffins, and even Texas style toast within its four 1 wide openings! Its straight-line, contemporary design features a stainless steel exterior with a single piece top and front that blends perfectly in high traffic commercial kitchens, breakfast buffets, and trendy cafes. For even toasting every time, the Hobart ET27 automatic electric toaster is designed with innovative solid state controls that adjust the toasting time and automatically compensate for ambient temperature and voltage fluctuations. The color control on the toaster provides a full range of toasting from light to dark. Overall Dimensions: Width: 12 5/8 Depth: 13 3/8 Height: 7 3/4 ET27 From Hobart


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