Hoover C1433-010 Guardsman 12 Commercial Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

This Hoover C1433-010 Guardsman 12 commercial bagless upright vacuum cleaner is the perfect solution to cleaning in your hotel, office, or restaurant. It features a 4-level height adjustment to make it easy to clean various types of carpet and hard floors, along with a 6 amp motor for powerful cleaning action. The foot-activated on/off switch is perfectly positioned for convenient access. The two brushes are mounted in a steel shaft that rotates on ball bearings for maximum efficiency. Clean anywhere with the 3-position handle! It stands upright, lowers to accommodate the height of the person using it, and lies flat to allow cleaning under low furniture like beds and chairs. The clear vinyl non-marking guard on the front of the machine protects your furniture and walls while you are cleaning so that you can keep going at a steady pace without worrying about damaging the furnishings. Designed to withstand continuous use, this vacuum cleaner has a metal handle for durability and weighs only 19 lb. It even meets OSHA requirements so you can be sure it is a safe, comfortable option for your employees. The easy-to-empty, large capacity dirt cup contains all of the dust and other debris that the vacuum picks up with its heavy duty glass-filled polycarbonate fan and eliminates the need to buy and change vacuum cleaner bags! It also features edge cleaning on both sides of the 12 nozzle so that you can cover more area with a single pass and clean up against walls and the sides of furniture. This vacuum cleaner comes with a 50' cord to allow for large area cleaning. C1433-010 From Hoover


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